Racism and the Media.

My bet is that some who see these images will argue that these are advertisements from the past thus mean nothing as racism back then was almost seen as a norm. Social class was the key to the functioning of society back then thus, those ‘different’ or referred to as the ‘others’ were below this scale or hierarchy. This is vividly evident from the ‘Van Heusen’  where the ‘foreigner’ is seen to appear in his traditional wear compared to the others in the advertisement thus depicting unprofessionalism and unfit for white-collar jobs in society. For argument sake I’m going to answer to the one who thinks this is not evident in today’s society.

Intel (2007)

Sony (2006)

SPANISH basketball team at BEIJING Olympics.

Beyoncé in Loreal advertisement.



Black herbal toothpaste.


Lucky Charms. (Racist against the Irish)


Many have argued that these issues are taken too sensitive. My reply to that is to read between lines, see below what is present before your eyes. To be fair, in some cases the intention was not to be racist but they construct and settings of the text in concern changes the interpretation of the text itself.

Depending on the culture or setting in concern, I do not think the ethnic minorities in society are the only victims, EVERYONE IS A VICTIM. Now-a-days, the use of the race card by ethnic students at large to get out of trouble is now being practiced even more. WE are all victims of this race distinction because of the certain stereotypes that society has instilled upon us. WE are all victims no matter the race, Asian, White, Black etc we are all victims of these racially divided construct in society. So i pose the question which has an obvious answer as far as I’m concerned, IS RACISM REALLY DEAD?

I intended to use pictures and videos to instill thoughts into the mind of my readers but I  couldn’t help but to write a paragraph.. or two. If you have any arguments, contributions or questions, please comment below.



‘Sometimes I dream bigger than I live’

[Verse 1 – Big Sean]

Sometimes I dream bigger than I live
Sometimes I think better when I’m lit
So goin and light it
Roll it up, ignite it
One time for all my niggers that dreamed it than real life’d it!
I swear I’ve been through everything in life but a coffin
They say the sky’s the limit, how bitch? I’m moonwalking!
And my middle name Michael ho
Success is my idol and being broke is my rival
But it’s cool because I got the title ho
See I just want my fantasies in real life
You got everything tell me what it feel like
Muthafuck the radio if I can’t hear mine
They give the wrong niggers more airtime than airlines
Is you feeling me?
If not you feel my energy
See I know I’mma make it, but even if I don’t
Don’t feel bad cuz honestly all the times that I had
Those will be the best memories

Be the best memories
I hope that you remember me
These will be the best memories
Cause in the end all you really have is memories

[John Legend]
Let’s reminisce over the good times and the bad
Reflect on everything we missed
Cause you know we’ll never get it back

[Big Sean – Verse 2]
Are you willing to give up what you love, for who you love
Or lose your girlfriend to groupie love
Everywhere I go I get a group of hugs
Thats what happens when they need connections and you the plug
How many trends you gotta set before you considered great
How many missed calls before you considered fake
How many dreams before its considered fate
I’m eating in a World where I’m considered bait
A workaholic addicted to bills
People addicted to me cuz they addicted to real
My best friend got addicted to pills
I can’t look at him in his eyes, you don’t know how that sh-t feels mentally!
I aint trying to rock no shirts that say “in memory”
I’m praying that he make, wished we could go back
Cuz honestly all the times that we had
those be the best memories…

[John Legend]
Let’s reminisce over the good times and the bad
Reflect on everything we missed
Cause you know we’ll never get it back

[Verse 3 – Big Sean]
Sometimes reality checks are too big to be cashed
Was mailed one when I heard Nique had died in that crash
Seemed like yesterday I just seen him smile and laugh
I’m stressing over little shit
When I should be happy I can
They say my music beating, cause I follow my heart
I always have faith, like who swallows the darts
And with my Mama looking at cribs that we can’t purchase
Houses bigger than a palace
But she a queen, so she deserve it
So I’m focused, they try to throw me off track
But they just hurdles
I’m marathoning to the money and you just running off in a circle
Man, I’m huddled up with my team, in other words my inner circle
Fast forward a few years later
Now we the fucking winner’s circle
Remember the first time I was rhyming for Kan’
Almost as nervous as the first time I rhymed for my mom
Sold out the theater downtown, she said it was perfect
But I already dreamed it
So it felt like I rehearsed it
Much as my grandma took care of me since I was birthed
Sad I used to steal $20 bill right out her purses
No I ain’t perfect, tryna make a gift out of a curse
Life out of a hearse
And if I die, of course I have the memories..

[John Legend]
Let’s reminisce over the good times and the bad
Reflect on everything we missed
Cause you know we’ll never get it back

This is one of my favourite song off the FINALLY FAMOUS album by the G.O.O.D music star Sean Anderson better known as his stage name Big Sean. I picked this song because it’s probably is the most touching song on the album. The opening to the song gets to me mainly because I dream a lot, and I don’t mean sleeping-dreaming  because everyone does that, I think, but I’ve got all this ideas in my head that I just want to pour out to the world that will hopefully be FINALLY FAMOUS. So you see Big Sean is an inspiration to me and that’s why he is my favourite artist. Anytime I’m feeling incapable or stressed to the point I want to give up I listen to Big Sean. To be honest when I listen to Big Sean it’s like listening to an older brother (which I never had) advising me to strive on because I will get there someday. Big Sean’s struggle to fame is also an inspiration to all who dream to achieve big  and also to those who have been looked down upon but are still striving to make it. The mind state of giving up can be very dangerous to our dreams and goals. In WU-TAN, the trainer explained the mind is stronger than the body, once the mind state of giving up kicks in and we give into it our body has a low chance of striving on for this reason we ought to fight against such a mind state. The mind is stronger than the body. That’s why I use music to tame it and Big Sean is one of the main artist I use to do this including other artist like Tinie Tempah (written in the stars), Mac Miller (best day ever, Donald trump), Drake (headlines) and so much more.

So if you’re reading this and you are the one that dreams big but people keep saying you can’t do it or society has told you it will never work or happen just keep thinking ‘They say the sky’s the limit, how b***h? I’m moonwalking!’

‘How many trends you gotta set before you considered great
How many missed calls before you considered fake
How many dreams before its considered fate
I’m eating in a World where I’m considered bait’  Sean ‘BIG SEAN’ Anderson.




THE SAYING SEEING IS BELIEVING IS THE FOUNDATION OF TRUTH. I was browsing Tumblr the other day and i saw an image of an eye. That’s when it occurred to me that the eye cannot lie to us, it shows us the truth the way it is. When we look into a mirror, it shows us exactly what we look like whereas the ears might tell us otherwise because that’s what others are saying. TRUST YOUR EYES, DOUBT YOUR EARS. The ear  is only accessible to what we hear, truth can be found in what we can see. So does this mean we are to become ignorant doubting Thomas’s only searching for truth in what we see?

…..to be continued…..


Day Time Medium What Where
Thursday 2;00am Phone Music Room
Thursday 8:00am Internet youtube Room
Thursday 12:00pm Magazine Article Room
Thursday 4:00pm Magazine Article Student union
Thursday 8:00pm Magazine Article Room
Thursday 10;00pm Internet youtube room

Day Time Medium What Where
Friday 8:45am Phone Music Walking
Friday 3:00pm Phone Music Walking
Friday 5:00pm Phone Music Walking
Friday 8:00pm Magazine Article Room
Friday 10:00pm Internet youtube Room

Day Time Medium What Where
Saturday 12:00pm Internet Youtube Room
Saturday 3:00pm Phone Music Laundry room
Saturday 5:00pm Magazine Article Room
Saturday 10:00pm Internet youtube Room

I didn’t know how much I actually loved Youtube and my magazines until this task. Please bear in mind that I am a fan of entertainment magazines covering music, fashion and movies and not NUTS. Now that’s out of the way lets focus on the 3 day media diary. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that I don’t keep up to date with politics and other relevant News, I’m quite disappointed in myself actually because it does not look up to the standards of a university media student. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t shade myself from current affairs completely but I am not up to date as much as I am supposed to. Well that’s an area of myself I’ll have to work on. I’ll make sure I keep you posted on my developments.

Listening to music on my phone also seems to be a dominating activity in my media life. I love music. THE TELGRAPH carried out a survey on the relationship teenagers have with music and surprisingly, or not, two thirds of young people would rather give up intercourse than their iPods. Woah! I’ve never thought about that, but thinking about it now, there is an element of truth in that survey because I think I am part of that two thirds. Without music the world will be a dull constriction. If I’m not listening to music on my phone I’m on Youtube or on the radio. Music has a kind of power over teenagers the minute the play button is pushed, they are shut out of the world almost so completely they loose awareness of the world. I try to prevent this by not carrying earphones around with me, thank God it works.

My ‘media life‘, is almost typical of a teenage boy, I’m a boy hoping to become a man soon, my media life will mature in time, and I’m quite confident my university course will be the booster for this maturity.


The loss of a VISIONARY.

“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it,”  President Barack Obama.


“For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honour. I will miss Steve immensely.”   Bill Gates.

“The digital age has lost its leading light, but Steve’s innovation and creativity will inspire dreamers and thinkers for generations”  Howard Stringer, Sony CEO.

“His innovative spirit and remarkable accomplishments will forever be remembered by people around the world,”   Chief executive officer Choi Gee-Sung.

“America lost a genius who will be remembered with Edison and Einstein, and whose ideas will shape the world for generations to come”.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“numerous revolutionary changes to the information technology industry”. Samsung.

“What he’s done for us as a culture, it resonates uniquely in every person,”  Cory Moll, employee at an Apple shop in San Francisco.

“The death of Steve Jobs recalls the grateful sadness felt when John Lennon and Joe Strummer died One dreaming man truly can change the world”  Tony Parson.

“RIP Steve Jobs. A truly great businessman. Inspiration to so many. A real Family man. He will be sorely missed”  Richard Branson.
“Steve Jobs, founder of Apple & the mastermind that revolutionised & redefined computing has died. His “Visionary legacy” will never die #RIP”  Peter Jones.

“America has lost its heroes, it was not until today that I lost mine: he was and will always be Steve Jobs”  Sean Parker.

“Very sad to hear about Steve Jobs. An innovator and trailblazer, whatever your tech tribe. Rest IP.” Simon Pegg

“I have a MacBook Pro, two iPods and an iPhone. Is my life more enhanced and more fun with them? A resounding yes! Sad to hear Steve Jobs has died.”  Dan Lobb.
“RIP Steve Jobs, your iPad got me through many boring benching sessions.” Mario Balotelli.

“If only God was more like Apple, and could bring him back as Steve Jobs 2S.”  David Baddiel.

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly one of the greatest minds our world had seen and I am happy I could experience his great works in my lifetime. RIP Steven Paul Jobs, February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011.