New to the world

Today is not my birthday and I wasn’t just born (obviously) but the internet and social networking have a new meaning to me as an individual. I can’t bravely deny that when I use the internet the first page I search up on Google is Facebook and Twitter, but really what teenager can deny this. I can however say I’m slowly progressing from this stage. So maybe I’m actually not ‘new to the world’ just yet. I thought the title was fine since this is my first blog post, well except the one Word Press post for you which is fairly unnecessary beacuse I can say ‘Hello world!’ in my own way, for example ‘New to the world’. The world cannot survive without communication, that’s why everyone goes through those tough years of nursery and primary school then moving towards the tougher part of growing up- paying ridiculous amount to school!. Without any medium of communication in the world be it through language whether sign or spoken, we may as well become chess pieces admiring each other from our own side of the world waiting for a move that will never come because there is NO MEANS OF COMMUNICATION.

Social networking is one of these means of communication necessary in a world that has evolved with time and technology. I see blogging as a form of social networking although some have intensively argued with me that it is basically an online journal. I find that quite amusing because the power blogs have had on some profounding issues such as Iraq war and even the fact that politicians use it in their campaigns shows that although BLOGS can be seen to be called mere ‘online journals’, the power that they hold shouldn’t be underestimated. They send strong emotional responses to issues surrounding us everyday and these can equally raise some rather interesting emotional responses. Popular believe is also that bloggers are gossip infested mongrels, fairly factual but also factually inaccurate. My choice of words there might leave one wondering ‘what is wrong with this lad?’. I say it is fairly factual because really most blogs out now are about celebrity gossip blogs. This is because they appeal to a wider population however, it is factually inaccurate because although most blogs out are celebrity news based, BLOGS as a whole should not be tagged to be gossip infested mongrel (i know mongrel is an interesting animal for this illustration) as different BLOGS have different target and purposes and authors!

I’m still growing and my mind still has a lot to explore now that it’s at its peak to access a whole variety of knowledge from different cultures and different parts of the world. A child has been born into a new world, that child is my mind.


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