Day Time Medium What Where
Thursday 2;00am Phone Music Room
Thursday 8:00am Internet youtube Room
Thursday 12:00pm Magazine Article Room
Thursday 4:00pm Magazine Article Student union
Thursday 8:00pm Magazine Article Room
Thursday 10;00pm Internet youtube room

Day Time Medium What Where
Friday 8:45am Phone Music Walking
Friday 3:00pm Phone Music Walking
Friday 5:00pm Phone Music Walking
Friday 8:00pm Magazine Article Room
Friday 10:00pm Internet youtube Room

Day Time Medium What Where
Saturday 12:00pm Internet Youtube Room
Saturday 3:00pm Phone Music Laundry room
Saturday 5:00pm Magazine Article Room
Saturday 10:00pm Internet youtube Room

I didn’t know how much I actually loved Youtube and my magazines until this task. Please bear in mind that I am a fan of entertainment magazines covering music, fashion and movies and not NUTS. Now that’s out of the way lets focus on the 3 day media diary. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that I don’t keep up to date with politics and other relevant News, I’m quite disappointed in myself actually because it does not look up to the standards of a university media student. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t shade myself from current affairs completely but I am not up to date as much as I am supposed to. Well that’s an area of myself I’ll have to work on. I’ll make sure I keep you posted on my developments.

Listening to music on my phone also seems to be a dominating activity in my media life. I love music. THE TELGRAPH carried out a survey on the relationship teenagers have with music and surprisingly, or not, two thirds of young people would rather give up intercourse than their iPods. Woah! I’ve never thought about that, but thinking about it now, there is an element of truth in that survey because I think I am part of that two thirds. Without music the world will be a dull constriction. If I’m not listening to music on my phone I’m on Youtube or on the radio. Music has a kind of power over teenagers the minute the play button is pushed, they are shut out of the world almost so completely they loose awareness of the world. I try to prevent this by not carrying earphones around with me, thank God it works.

My ‘media life‘, is almost typical of a teenage boy, I’m a boy hoping to become a man soon, my media life will mature in time, and I’m quite confident my university course will be the booster for this maturity.


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