Racism and the Media.

My bet is that some who see these images will argue that these are advertisements from the past thus mean nothing as racism back then was almost seen as a norm. Social class was the key to the functioning of society back then thus, those ‘different’ or referred to as the ‘others’ were below this scale or hierarchy. This is vividly evident from the ‘Van Heusen’  where the ‘foreigner’ is seen to appear in his traditional wear compared to the others in the advertisement thus depicting unprofessionalism and unfit for white-collar jobs in society. For argument sake I’m going to answer to the one who thinks this is not evident in today’s society.

Intel (2007)

Sony (2006)

SPANISH basketball team at BEIJING Olympics.

Beyoncé in Loreal advertisement.



Black herbal toothpaste.


Lucky Charms. (Racist against the Irish)


Many have argued that these issues are taken too sensitive. My reply to that is to read between lines, see below what is present before your eyes. To be fair, in some cases the intention was not to be racist but they construct and settings of the text in concern changes the interpretation of the text itself.

Depending on the culture or setting in concern, I do not think the ethnic minorities in society are the only victims, EVERYONE IS A VICTIM. Now-a-days, the use of the race card by ethnic students at large to get out of trouble is now being practiced even more. WE are all victims of this race distinction because of the certain stereotypes that society has instilled upon us. WE are all victims no matter the race, Asian, White, Black etc we are all victims of these racially divided construct in society. So i pose the question which has an obvious answer as far as I’m concerned, IS RACISM REALLY DEAD?

I intended to use pictures and videos to instill thoughts into the mind of my readers but I  couldn’t help but to write a paragraph.. or two. If you have any arguments, contributions or questions, please comment below.


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