MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL. (thought I’ll post a Nigerian chritmas video as there is none of this on tv at the moment)


A sincere apology from a busy blogger.

Long time no post to all my fellow readers, I’m aware it’s been a long time since I blogged but having to combine research, coursework and blogging has been a difficulty. But I guess that’s what the media course en-tales, having to be able to combine all aspects of oneself to create a portfolio is essential. The good news is that I have been more focused on the news in the past few weeks. From one of my previous post, I did promise to work on that part of me that doesn’t pay attention to newspapers or the news in general, well this part has developed on a large-scale, thank goodness. This post is to assure you, my reader, of my comeback and an apology for being too busy to attend to your needs your…..? not sure what to put there. But as the Germans would say (as I am studying German as an additional skill) Verzeihen Sie. Tschuss.