the start of AdeCarpeDiem movie journal.

So at the beginning of the year I planned to keep a movie journal but circumstances such as malaria, work and laziness (main) kept me from this. The first movie I watched this year was spread starring Ashton Kutcher who played the role of a play boy is L.A. the moral of the story was don’t be a playboy because it won’t get you anywhere in life, Ashton Kutcher ended up as a delivery boy, on one occasion, he had to deliver for one of the ladies he ‘played’ around with. literally I was like LOOOOOOOOL woah! Karma is a bitch!! (excuse my language but so the saying goes). but yeah people,I’m keeping a movie journal, an actual movie journal. To make it more authentic it’s gonna be handwritten then posted up on here when I’m done. Maybe one day the world will search for Ade’s archive of reviews LOL. This post is a fun one for me so excuse the acronyms (like I care)

Come February, I’m starting a movie journal reviewing all the movies I watch in 2012. Now that I have recently signed up to Netflix, its gonna be a whole lot of movies. So watch out for that and a note of warning its gonna be a sincere review.


Tash it's... #OnToTheNext1

Breezy is going H.A.M right now for his up and coming new album Fortune. With being in the studio with Busta Rhymes/ Nas/ Pharell and many more 2011, was the warm up to the explosion that is Chris’s 2012. Breezy’s year.

Check out the second single, a heavy dance track produced by The underdogs from his up and coming album called- Turn Up The Music

I am so happy that he has found love and it is fair to say that it’s now his time to reign as he is right back in his element, bigger better and badder than ever! Some are saying that he is the female Beyonce of our generation, and I would more than agree to this statement as he is a true testament to real talent and being able to diversities his music but remain C.Breezy! He more than a triple threat yo!

Also working…

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” A smile a day keeps the bad feelings away..

I was reading Vikram’s post (“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!”) about love and hatred in the world, and it got me thinking…

I’m not perfect and I do find myself ‘disliking’ (a much better word Vikram, thank you!) certain people. This is usually based on their attitudes or the way they treat people. I think it’s important, wherever possible, to lead by example though.

In the world we live in, if you target one person others tend to home in like sharks catching the scent of blood in the water. Next thing you know, you have one very wounded individual who may very well go on to spread this feeling of discontent and low self-esteem (this is often…

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New week, new stress. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

Another monday, in fact, last monday this month. Reflecting on my mondays this month, been sleeping on most of them as i have mondays off (woohoo!) But I have been blogging a lot too. A friend of mine once told me ‘sleeping is for cowards’. If so I hope I have removed that tag with my active blogging lately (at least i think I’m active). Anyway my fellow readers, how has your week been? sorry i couldn’t update on 180MC lecture but I hope last weeks blog on ethnography was informative (although maybe a bit boring). it is really exciting though…. I LOVE MY COURSE.

Last week was really interesting, learning about ethnography and technologies of subversion (which i haven’t blogged about  yet but wild do asap). This week however, this week is sort of what i would call a cross as we would be learning ‘digital research”‘ in 182MC which is kind of the construct of 180MC, digital media. As the name connotes, it seems like we will be learning about how to carry out our qualitative research online, for instance, setting up our target population, giving out questionnaires online etc. I’m guessing we would also be shown how to use social media to our advantage. But nothing is perfect so there will be issues and problems in using the web as a platform for research probably touching on privacy and the inadequacy of online research to efficiently provide the right data as it is ‘virtual’. At least this is what I think 182MC will entail this week. It will or should encompass everything about research but in relationship to how it is done or carried out online.

This week for 180MC on the other hand is our presentation week which I will discuss in the blog about ‘technologies of subversion’

Should be an eventful week but less i forget enjoy your monday, don’t dread it!




Lauren Holliday

I may not love Google’s new privacy policy, which creates a  universal, online profile for Internet users by streamlining all social media websites, searches and other “publicly accessible” information into one place, but I must say, I do love all the utilities it is creating to make my life easier.

Tonight, I discovered iGoogle, and instantly, I decided to make it my new homepage. Watch out Google Chrome, you are about to be replaced. Just when users thought a search engine could not get any better than Chrome, Google creates iGoogle.

The new homepage option combines users’ most important details into one simple page. iGoogle displays the latest Internet trends (great for marketers, SEO leaders, social media utilizers), users’ g-mail account (great for g-mail users), the latest news stories (great for journalists), an easy-to-use To-do list (great for the forgetful, i.e. me) and a multitude of other gadgets that…

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Research methods in CCM 9.01.12 notes

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Research in CCM is based on newness, methodological pluralism theoretically grounded, basically its in depth!It combines three main aspects of Social context (race, feminism etc..) Media Construction and Lived Experience (audience identity research)

Examples of research
-Bobo Doll
-Hall et al – Policing Crisis
-Lived Experience

Methods of analysis/ data collection
– Research techniques/ practices e.g discourse analysis, ehnographic tools, survey, interview

-Theories of how research is conducted epistimology
-Theory of Knowledge

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