New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.


Whenever I tell people I’m looking forward to lectures they laugh. You’re probably chuckling right about now but really I do look forward to lectures. Studying media is probably on of the most exciting courses one can take in university not only because it keeps changing but because there is so much to it that people don’t understand, it’s apparently a ‘mickey mouse’  course with people tending to forget or underestimate the power of the media in an evolving world of ideas and information overload.

Anyway, how was the weekend? New week, more stress, new knowledge. It all pays out at the end. After all, Ali once said he hated every minute of training but evidently paid out in the end. Getting more work can be fun determining on the attitude one puts into it, the stress bit, so much but the gaining of more knowledge of something, YES to that.

In this week as regards to 182MC (research in ccm), we will be learning about ethnography. My understanding of ethnography is researcher disguise in understanding a culture or sub-culture. Well, maybe not disguise as this will be unethical in a number of ways such as invading privacy and deception of participants of such a study, but I’m guessing it entails a researcher immersing himself into a culture so as to study them through a number of ways e.g interviews, questionnaires, observation etc. Should be an exciting approach to study as my field of research study is mens magazine.

As regards to 180MC(digital world) which is my favourite module this semester, the lecture is titled ‘Everything I learned, I learned it on the internet’. This should be interesting considering we(I’m a first year university student by the way) are generation C, the ones who were born into the digital world. It will also be interesting to compare children in developed countries who have access to this internet to other children in low developing countries who don’t.

Should be a fun week, will keep you posted on the new knowledge I was able to gain until then, comment, like and if possible reblog my post.


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