Lauren Holliday

I may not love Google’s new privacy policy, which creates a  universal, online profile for Internet users by streamlining all social media websites, searches and other “publicly accessible” information into one place, but I must say, I do love all the utilities it is creating to make my life easier.

Tonight, I discovered iGoogle, and instantly, I decided to make it my new homepage. Watch out Google Chrome, you are about to be replaced. Just when users thought a search engine could not get any better than Chrome, Google creates iGoogle.

The new homepage option combines users’ most important details into one simple page. iGoogle displays the latest Internet trends (great for marketers, SEO leaders, social media utilizers), users’ g-mail account (great for g-mail users), the latest news stories (great for journalists), an easy-to-use To-do list (great for the forgetful, i.e. me) and a multitude of other gadgets that…

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