New week, new stress. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

Another monday, in fact, last monday this month. Reflecting on my mondays this month, been sleeping on most of them as i have mondays off (woohoo!) But I have been blogging a lot too. A friend of mine once told me ‘sleeping is for cowards’. If so I hope I have removed that tag with my active blogging lately (at least i think I’m active). Anyway my fellow readers, how has your week been? sorry i couldn’t update on 180MC lecture but I hope last weeks blog on ethnography was informative (although maybe a bit boring). it is really exciting though…. I LOVE MY COURSE.

Last week was really interesting, learning about ethnography and technologies of subversion (which i haven’t blogged about  yet but wild do asap). This week however, this week is sort of what i would call a cross as we would be learning ‘digital research”‘ in 182MC which is kind of the construct of 180MC, digital media. As the name connotes, it seems like we will be learning about how to carry out our qualitative research online, for instance, setting up our target population, giving out questionnaires online etc. I’m guessing we would also be shown how to use social media to our advantage. But nothing is perfect so there will be issues and problems in using the web as a platform for research probably touching on privacy and the inadequacy of online research to efficiently provide the right data as it is ‘virtual’. At least this is what I think 182MC will entail this week. It will or should encompass everything about research but in relationship to how it is done or carried out online.

This week for 180MC on the other hand is our presentation week which I will discuss in the blog about ‘technologies of subversion’

Should be an eventful week but less i forget enjoy your monday, don’t dread it!




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