the start of AdeCarpeDiem movie journal.

So at the beginning of the year I planned to keep a movie journal but circumstances such as malaria, work and laziness (main) kept me from this. The first movie I watched this year was spread starring Ashton Kutcher who played the role of a play boy is L.A. the moral of the story was don’t be a playboy because it won’t get you anywhere in life, Ashton Kutcher ended up as a delivery boy, on one occasion, he had to deliver for one of the ladies he ‘played’ around with. literally I was like LOOOOOOOOL woah! Karma is a bitch!! (excuse my language but so the saying goes). but yeah people,I’m keeping a movie journal, an actual movie journal. To make it more authentic it’s gonna be handwritten then posted up on here when I’m done. Maybe one day the world will search for Ade’s archive of reviews LOL. This post is a fun one for me so excuse the acronyms (like I care)

Come February, I’m starting a movie journal reviewing all the movies I watch in 2012. Now that I have recently signed up to Netflix, its gonna be a whole lot of movies. So watch out for that and a note of warning its gonna be a sincere review.

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