New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

it’s a new week and most importantly a new month, the month of love (just for the record I think love shouldnt be dedicated to one month but to all!) many say. Welcome. LOL I sound like some kind of calendar ambassador there right telling you what to expect and that. anyway… I got a such a good feeling about this month, actually that’s wrong because I don’t like snow and for some reason it snowed this month, FEBRUARY!!! I’m just quite upset because I was so happy it didn’t snow in christmas and i thought that was the last of snow we’ll know this season but obviously it wasnt.

enough with my groaning, good morning reader hope your monday wasnt too bad yesterday. i know this blog is supposed to be a monday morning routine, apologies for my lateness but here I am and here it is. Last week was fun, I had a group presentation on Micheal De Certeau ideology of subversion using SOPA as our standing point to explain this ideology and we got to learn about how to use digital media in our research (a blog on that is still pending by the way) so it was exciting interlinking both modules in some way.

this week looks pretty exciting for both modules especially for the research module. its been a lot practical over these few weeks and I think it’s about to get even more practical this week with Discourse analysis being the topic. what i can gather that this entails will be the analysis of discourse and by discourse what i think this means is sort of the focus of study. on the module blog, AD has outlined that we will be learning about the different ways one can carry this methods of discourse analysis which include conversational analysis etc. I’m quite unsure what we’ll be studying under digital media as the other week i thought it will be on the internet and education but instead it was on subversion so m y guess is it will be on the internet and education which should be interesting as it is evident that in this day and age children are growing up with the internet, digitally one can say and identifying the pros and cons of this will be particularly interesting to examine.

I owe you a blog on digital research and that will come as soon as possible together with today’s lecture on discourse analysis. hang on tight people!




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