New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

it’s a new week and its the valentine week! (to make things more depressing for some), it’s a week of love, unconditional one on this particular day (not like we shouldn’t show love everyday),  a week where the single ladies will grab their big tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and the single men all grab their bottles of Jack Daniels (#foreveralone) and the couples will holds hands together to the cinema or to a fine restaurant. I’m just trying to paint a valentine day cliche picture for you, from my side of the story at least. i won’t fall into any of the categories (thank God!!) as I’ll be blogging away (#foreveralone). no doubt, wordpress would be crowded with soooo many valentine blogs, you just wait and see. to be honest, I’ll be reblogging a lot of this valentine blogs, the good ones though and yes expect one from me might compose a poem or a song you can never know. but in all people, how has the weekend been? hope not too stressful. thank God it didn’t snow in coventry, well to be honest if it did i won’t mind as i was in the whole weekend.

this week is looking lovely dubly and exciting (as regards to my course), i wonder what AD will do in tomorrows lecture, anyway, that not being the point this week looks interesting and its actually getting more intense as the deadline for the coursework is coming closer and closer but the learning experience is still interesting as we are about to learn analysing images. this will probably be the most interesting lecture in this module for me (182MC) as i love this field of photos analysis but lest I or we forget, I’ll have to link it to my research focus i.e. mens magazine. foreseeing the future, this will be interesting as images depicting homosociality, homosexuality, sexuality, objectifying the woman etc will be analysed and some harsh truth about these mens magazine will be revealed through such images.

looking to forward to the week of love and image analysis until then remember, diem rapere!





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