Roland's Ramblings

Remember when grown-ups seemed glamorous?
When people said “thank you” and “please”?
When Moms called their kids in for supper at dusk?
You played hide-and-seek and climbed trees?

Remember when “downtown” seemed so far away?
You caught lightning bugs in a jar?
When drugstores had fountains, most kids had a bike, and you had a wish for each star?

Remember when no one had pedigreed dogs?
You read comic books by the ton?
You bought penny candy?
You drank chocolate milk?
Expected each day to be fun?

If these things bring a smile to your face whenever they’re heard or they’re told,
it means you were lucky to have such good times …
(It also means YOU’RE kinda OLD!)

I love this message that was on the Hallmark birthday card given me last November by my cousin, who is like a sister to me, Alyce, and her husband and…

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