New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

honestly, right about now, i feel really tired, like my-eyeballs-are-gonna-drop-out tired. and really its my fault, was up all through last night watching HEROES, yes the one produced by Tim Kring. I started it again after I finished Avatar (the last airbender). been on a serial hype lately and its been preventing me from sleeping but what the hell, I’m a student, I’m capable of staying up all day even after a 3 hour sleep. ANYWAY….

how are you fellow reader, it’s a new week which means something new will be learnt voluntarily or involuntarily, by our choice or not, we will gain some knowledge. but I’m convinced there are dangers involved with knowledge, obviously this comes with the knowledge one is gaining of something or someone or a field. with knowledge, one can create, with knowledge, one can destroy, with knowledge, one can re-invent, one can change the world, the course of history! but what happens when such knowledge can be gained on information that is accessible everywhere by everyone at any time? do the dangers and benefits that come with such knowledge become more apparent? I guess this is where the module on digital media comes in, this is where the aim of total connectivity is evident. not to bore you further I will go straight into the point of this post because frankly, I’m tired.

This week on 182MC (research), we will be studying ethics; the ethics involved in research. My guess is we will study case studies to depict the dangers of crossing such research ethical codes and their implications and obviously the ethical codes involved in research. as I did ethics in psychology during the course of my A-levels, this should be more enlightening as I hope we will be going deeper into this ethics of research.

as far as 180MC is concerned, I honestly don’t know what this week holds for us but I’m starting my coursework this week (both of them actually), hopefully I will finish on time, I really hate the stress of last-minute work. it is depressing.

until further notice peeps laters =D


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