Letter to self

dear Ade,

Now I understand. i understand that the power of the media should never be underestimated because its alive. the producer gives it life and it affects different kinds of audience in different ways because it is alive. look what it did to the jews, the media is dangerous. that being said, i have come to realise the power of the media, the power of representation and the recognition of context. i have come to realise this during my first year here. i have coe to realise the power and influence the institution behind a certain text ca have in creating meaning. i have come to realise the true meaning of ‘meaning’ with the help of Saussure. ‘you are on the right path’, i was told this once this year by a lecturer and I’m glad he did because Ade, you are on the right part.


from YOU.



click, view, learn - adam maikkula

I’ve written before on Jay-Z’s partnership with Water For Life and the UN to raise awareness of the world’s water crisis, but after seeing a video from the World Food Programme about rapper 50 Cent visiting Somalia to see how his donations have helped during the famine, I started to think further on what we are witnessing…

Even 50 will tell you that what viewers are seeing violates their expectations of their image of him, and that he may be alienating his core musical audience by getting into the philanthropy ring. “I don’t care if my audience is prepared to move forward with me. They may not necessarily be growing at the same pace.” (video below)

Jay-Z was one of the first elite rappers to use their name to raise awareness for global issues. Much like Bono has done for AIDS, Jay-Z took on the responsibility for making it…

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reflection on EAST-ASIAN movie festival

one word to describe this event is probably FUN-ALL-THE-WAY. thats technically one word. the east asian movie festival was absolutely exciting and definitely a weekend to remember. i got to see the beautiful Grace Huang (who appears to be hotter in real life) from bloodtraffik and the famous Herman Yau director of some of the best and influential east asian movies. it was such a great atmosphere with superb decorations and the co-ordination. some of the students helping organise the festival from the society wore traditional asian dresses which even made the environment feel more appealing and comfortable. i have to say, whoever came up with the idea to wear asian traditional wears is a genius. refreshment, we can’t forget about refreshment now can we, it was good. friendly environment with a whole lot people with the same interest (east asian movies) talking and sharing stories. i found really insertional meeting all this people like Herman Yau. they talked about the difficulties and constrictions they have when it comes to putting a movie piece together. they talked about the good, the bad and the ugly of movie production. this opened my eyes to what is to come. its not just in movie production but media as a whole. there are certain huddles one must jump over to achieve its aim in a text. sometimes this huddles are too high and they restrict the whole piece as a whole. but the important i learnt is the this peole didn’t just become good over night, it took a process. my process is university and because of this working harder to fulfil that dream at the end of the day is state of mind i hold.