Day 3 #workexperience

today was too exciting to describe on a blog. the video shoot was epic, everyone played their parts right and the artist was satisfied with the raw footage after we reviewed it. but this is just a tip of what actually happened today.

everything was set today. woke up really early today to get all the equipments out, my camera man was ready, the artist was ready, my make up artist came on time, the team was on ground, the set was in place but one thing was missing, my video girl. worst feeling ever to know all your plans and everyones effort are about to go to waste when one of the most important elements to make the video happen decides not to be reachable anymore. worst feeling ever as the director. we had no video girl. i became aware of this at about 11 am today, i had scheduled everybody to be ready for the shoot at 1, the plan was to start at 1 30 but there was no video girl. i couldn’t cancel, i decided not to cancel, we cam so far today to cancel. the team was terrified at this fact but i didn’t let the artist in on this because that would have hurt his morale for the video shoot. 11 am, there was still no video girl. we had to find a video girl, come rain, come shine. i called the team up and decided on the action plan to use any girl at our disposal but, she had to have a specific kind of look. this was the hard bit. FORTUNATELY, for us we found a friend of ours, she was indifferent to do it at first because she was camera shy, so it was up to me as the director to convince her. i spoke to her, and was able to put the confidence in her that she needed. she was game and at this point, the video shoot was a go. the team and I, had put the project back on track! phew.

we faced various sorts of challenges whilst filming such as issues to do with lighting. this took up most of the time. i had to face this challenge head on and improvise because i was in the wrong, it was my fault we battled with the light. as the director i should have brought all the equipment the day before to test out all i needed to do. however, i did not, but this was for situation out of my hands. we were not allowed to get the equipments out of the loan shop at the time we wanted to. lightning was a really major barrier that prevented us from working for a while but at then end of the day after trying out different techniques to make it work, we got it.

the video shoot today started at about 2 pm and ended up taking the whole day. we stopped shooing at about 1 am. today was really tiring but what took the frustration out of it was everybody’s enthusiasm towards the shoot, this went a long way to encourage me as the director.

epic day!


Day 2 #workexperience

being unable to get the record player i need for the video shoot yesterday, i set out to find it  by all means today. i looked in electronic shops, vintage shops etc but no one seemed to had it. i met this old musician in a music shop i checked out and he said he was going to try to get it for me but time is running out as the video shoot is tomorrow. eventually I had to buy one, but i got a good deal, and the shop assistance made me aware of the 7 day return policy meaning i could return it back after the video shoot and get my money back! things started to fall into place as regards to finding our female actor to play the role of the girlfriend and we were able to set the place up for the shoot tonight ready for D day tomorrow.  the vendredi team helped sort this out with me including efforts of the artist himself as i had made him know he had to sleep over the night before his shoot just to make sure everything went as planned with no delays.

i certified our female actor today, together with the make up artist and one of my female friends who is a fashion designer to get opinion on outfits and looks and to keep the female actor company as i know there is going to be a lot of boys around for the shoot tomorrow. i also certified my second camera man, who is a media production student. because of the challenge of not being able to book equipments out of my university loan shop (all because i am not a media production student), my second camera man covered this for me and so we booked what we actually needed and nothing more.

Everything is in place for the shoot tomorrow and everyone is super excited. can’t wait.

DAY 1 #workexperience

So before today, i had to Skype an upcoming artist called Chillz to discuss a potential video shoot for him, i pitched my idea for the music video to him and he liked it so the project was a go. the shoot has been scheduled for the 27th of march i.e. this wednesday and so there has been a lot of planning that has gone ahead of it. I’ve had to draw a story board to make my filming on the day easier and to actually create a vision to what exactly i want from the video.  this is very key to video production because with a good story board comes a good plan, and a good plan effectively produces a good video. however, even in taking this to consideration, i am fully aware that things can always come in the way of a laid out plan, but as the director, it is my job to handle challenges on the D day and if needed, replan.

with that being said, today i had to certify my props, set and actor. for the shoot, we will be using a friends of mines apartment in Electric wharf. i picked this location because the living room just suits the narrative of the video. in this video, i am trying to create a calm simple sitting room that i could work with camera wise depicting a simple life of a couple living together.

i had to go out to look for certain props such as vinyl records, a record player, certain kind of furnitures which i borrowed from friends etc. finding vinyl records seemed to be so stress at the start, but thanks to  a charity shop we found by foot in coventry, our prayers were answered, they gave us up to 10 vinyl records for free! including a diana ross one!! but anyway, the main problem today was finding a record player, we couldn’t find any today but tomorrow i another day.

going round and round everywhere with a friend of mine off my vendreditv team was definitely tiring as it got frustrating after a while whilst trying to get everything together but at the same time was a lot of fun because i actually enjoyed the work at hand.


For my work experience, I decided to take on a self-manages project i already had been working on; my online tv- Vendreditv. i had it in mind to pursue working in a media firm or an established media-related company of some sort but being convinced by lecturers and my mentors and after evaluating my options for this work experience, what i could get out of it in terms of my skill development as a video producer/director and a people and project manager, i decided to go with my self-managed project because i saw it as an opportunity to focus on Vendreditv and i found the timing and work i could get done to be potentially beneficial for Vendreditv.


VENDREDITVlogo as Smart Object-1

Vendreditv is an online channel focusing on african music, arts and lifestyle. The brand is aimed to be young and fresh as the delivery and the kind of content we focus on and make appeals to our target audience- African youths and those interested Afro-entertainment in the UK. Starting up the channel May last year meant a lot of market research, identifying our target audience, key features of the industry and our competition. We have had to categorically work with our potential audience to carefully work with the brand and competition because at the end of the day, being no different from everybody else makes the channel ‘just’ another channel. With this work experience, i have now found the time to think carefully again and develop the brand in order to take Vendreditv from ‘just’ another channel to ‘that/the’ channel.

i will be writing daily post of the my experiences working with people in the industry and more exciting is that i will be going to Nigeria (which is where our main target audience is) aswell to even focus more on the market, because at the end of the day, what good is working in a market if you’re not physically present in your target market. included in this 20-day daily post will include experiences with my team and my skills as a manager or leader of this team. one thing i have however noticed from experience is picking the right people to work with can be hard and can take time to decide on, but the time put into it is essentially very important so as to work with the right people because only then can work be as effective as it is supposed to be. we have had to drop people off the team because of circumstances of inefficiency or in fact in one scenario company trust, so team work will be very key in my work experience.

For this work experience i will also be including my job as a music artist manager of two of my  artists- Sheggzz and DJ Rawon and as an independent video producer/director which is a skill i also aim to improve to an esteem extent  during the course of this experience.

what i will be blogging for the purpose of this work experience module are things i already do for the company so this will potentially mean letting you in to my experiences as an entrepreneur, a leader of my team and a film maker and the challenges that come with it.