For my work experience, I decided to take on a self-manages project i already had been working on; my online tv- Vendreditv. i had it in mind to pursue working in a media firm or an established media-related company of some sort but being convinced by lecturers and my mentors and after evaluating my options for this work experience, what i could get out of it in terms of my skill development as a video producer/director and a people and project manager, i decided to go with my self-managed project because i saw it as an opportunity to focus on Vendreditv and i found the timing and work i could get done to be potentially beneficial for Vendreditv.


VENDREDITVlogo as Smart Object-1

Vendreditv is an online channel focusing on african music, arts and lifestyle. The brand is aimed to be young and fresh as the delivery and the kind of content we focus on and make appeals to our target audience- African youths and those interested Afro-entertainment in the UK. Starting up the channel May last year meant a lot of market research, identifying our target audience, key features of the industry and our competition. We have had to categorically work with our potential audience to carefully work with the brand and competition because at the end of the day, being no different from everybody else makes the channel ‘just’ another channel. With this work experience, i have now found the time to think carefully again and develop the brand in order to take Vendreditv from ‘just’ another channel to ‘that/the’ channel.

i will be writing daily post of the my experiences working with people in the industry and more exciting is that i will be going to Nigeria (which is where our main target audience is) aswell to even focus more on the market, because at the end of the day, what good is working in a market if you’re not physically present in your target market. included in this 20-day daily post will include experiences with my team and my skills as a manager or leader of this team. one thing i have however noticed from experience is picking the right people to work with can be hard and can take time to decide on, but the time put into it is essentially very important so as to work with the right people because only then can work be as effective as it is supposed to be. we have had to drop people off the team because of circumstances of inefficiency or in fact in one scenario company trust, so team work will be very key in my work experience.

For this work experience i will also be including my job as a music artist manager of two of my  artists- Sheggzz and DJ Rawon and as an independent video producer/director which is a skill i also aim to improve to an esteem extent  during the course of this experience.

what i will be blogging for the purpose of this work experience module are things i already do for the company so this will potentially mean letting you in to my experiences as an entrepreneur, a leader of my team and a film maker and the challenges that come with it.



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