DAY 1 #workexperience

So before today, i had to Skype an upcoming artist called Chillz to discuss a potential video shoot for him, i pitched my idea for the music video to him and he liked it so the project was a go. the shoot has been scheduled for the 27th of march i.e. this wednesday and so there has been a lot of planning that has gone ahead of it. I’ve had to draw a story board to make my filming on the day easier and to actually create a vision to what exactly i want from the video.  this is very key to video production because with a good story board comes a good plan, and a good plan effectively produces a good video. however, even in taking this to consideration, i am fully aware that things can always come in the way of a laid out plan, but as the director, it is my job to handle challenges on the D day and if needed, replan.

with that being said, today i had to certify my props, set and actor. for the shoot, we will be using a friends of mines apartment in Electric wharf. i picked this location because the living room just suits the narrative of the video. in this video, i am trying to create a calm simple sitting room that i could work with camera wise depicting a simple life of a couple living together.

i had to go out to look for certain props such as vinyl records, a record player, certain kind of furnitures which i borrowed from friends etc. finding vinyl records seemed to be so stress at the start, but thanks to  a charity shop we found by foot in coventry, our prayers were answered, they gave us up to 10 vinyl records for free! including a diana ross one!! but anyway, the main problem today was finding a record player, we couldn’t find any today but tomorrow i another day.

going round and round everywhere with a friend of mine off my vendreditv team was definitely tiring as it got frustrating after a while whilst trying to get everything together but at the same time was a lot of fun because i actually enjoyed the work at hand.

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