Day 2 #workexperience

being unable to get the record player i need for the video shoot yesterday, i set out to find it  by all means today. i looked in electronic shops, vintage shops etc but no one seemed to had it. i met this old musician in a music shop i checked out and he said he was going to try to get it for me but time is running out as the video shoot is tomorrow. eventually I had to buy one, but i got a good deal, and the shop assistance made me aware of the 7 day return policy meaning i could return it back after the video shoot and get my money back! things started to fall into place as regards to finding our female actor to play the role of the girlfriend and we were able to set the place up for the shoot tonight ready for D day tomorrow.  the vendredi team helped sort this out with me including efforts of the artist himself as i had made him know he had to sleep over the night before his shoot just to make sure everything went as planned with no delays.

i certified our female actor today, together with the make up artist and one of my female friends who is a fashion designer to get opinion on outfits and looks and to keep the female actor company as i know there is going to be a lot of boys around for the shoot tomorrow. i also certified my second camera man, who is a media production student. because of the challenge of not being able to book equipments out of my university loan shop (all because i am not a media production student), my second camera man covered this for me and so we booked what we actually needed and nothing more.

Everything is in place for the shoot tomorrow and everyone is super excited. can’t wait.

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