Day 13 #workexperience

today was very interesting. I had the opportunity to get an interview with one of the fathers of the growth of afrobeats but we could not because my contact to him did not let him know we were actually coming to film him but instead he thought that we were coming to talk about the project prior to actualising it. this was actually annoying and upsetting mainly because i could not achieve what in set out to today.

however, meeting this legend was very fulfilling. we spoke about vendreditv, i let him in what vendreditv is, our aims, our goals, our vision etc and he said he was impressed. because of his experience in running his own programme on national television here in Nigeria he was able to advise me a lot on and give advice and critiques to some of my ideas. the meeting was in one word- fulfilling. i learnt a lot from him, i learnt a lot more than i thought i would when i met him today.

as s result of not being able to do the shoot today, he made me aware that he was leaving the country but he will try squeeze it into his time but if not we will definitely het the interview when I am back in the country in June/July. Not being able to reach these people but using a contact just shows the challenges of the middle man. this is why i am actually of the middle man approach because they say the wrong things and sometimes do not sell the company to others as they’re supposed to. if the middle man was in the team it would have gone smoother but having been an outsider ruined the whole shoot. but at the end of the day, i was able to get more than shoot from meeting this man.


Day 12 #workexperience

I had a meeting with a potential investor today.

very interesting meeting and in fact very fulfilling meeting. we talked about everything vendreditv is. i let him know we had not come very far with content but without promo he was impressed one of our youtube videos have 20,000+ views. he kept going on and on about it and made it clear that that showed that this thing can work. it as fulfilling to know that. he was very concerned about the trafficking we could get on our upcoming website and the revenue we could get. he used various other companies in the same field but different market doing what we’re doing. having all this said to me just made it clearer that in fact we’re doing the right thing, no better feeling than to be told by a potential investor, someone who is older with more experience and know how can acknowledge our efforts.

it was a very interesting meeting and he seemed very enthusiastic to actually see what we could do.

we have scheduled another meeting for July.

blessed day.

Day 10-11 #workexperience

in the past two days i have had to visit some of the potential sets and gain permissions for the use of these places. one potential place i visited was a fashion store called ‘needle point’ in Lagos. Very interesting place with a fine and ideal setting with the content i have in mind to create here. funny story today, i hope to just use the place for a set solely but on getting to location and talking to the lady doing her shift today, she made me aware her boss was the one that actually made everything in the store. i was mind blown because ideally, it is someone like her we’ve been looking to feature on the channel. however because of the industry, I’m limited to what i can say on this.

i visited different lounges in Ikeja, Sururlere and some in Ebute-metta. really interesting places I found. On talking to the PRs of some of these places, they seemed enthusiastic to work with us and when i showed them the kind of content we hoped to create and the general idea, hey liked it but on the condition that their restaurant/lounge got publicity, this is our bill to pay. however, this did not prove to be an issue as we already saw it coming and as team already agreed to paying them back with publicity as long discussions of money did not arise as our funding was limited. as a result of funding challenge, we targeted really nice settings which could do with a bit of publicity and not the famous spots in lagos. this was a strategy we devised to cut cost.

ensuring we have a working set that adds to the swagger of our content is key to our brand, thus why i ensured i visited these places and ensured we had their contacts and their willingness to work with us.

what I’ve learnt so far, your presentation is too key.

Day 9 #workexperience

today i had two meetings, one with the artist of a well known artist in Nigeria and the other with the promo company handling Sheggzz music promo in Nigeria.

the promo company meeting came first. as sheggzz manager i need to ensure everything in place for the music is actually working. as i have not been in the country for a while until now, reviewing their promo work and what their next plan of action is very key. we had a good discussion as i met the director of the promo company. he said a few things i did not like as regards to how the promo is to work but i revised his working plan making him fully aware that ‘Sheggzz’ brand did  not agree with some of his strategies for promo. so we rectified it and now have a working plan indeed. he was pleased to meet me because it was actually the first meeting we had as all our discussions and planning had been over the phone. the next plan focused on the release of the ‘All na swag’ music video and the release of Sheggzz new songs.

the second meeting was a lunch meeting with the manager of one of the most versatile young rappers in Nigeria. this was our first meeting and i had to sell myself to him so as to allow me feature his artist on our channel. having this rapper on our channel will give us quite a lot of exposure, so ascertain this was key. he was impressed when i showed him the videos i had made and what the project with his artist was going to cover and so he was more than happy to be involved in it which was great for the tv!

challenges i faced today was just having to wait for these people to show up every time. knowing the kind of traffic that happens in Lagos, i always tried to make sure i worked in good time frame so as to get to the meeting as early i could because i did not want to get anyone waiting , after all, first impressions last forever.

(Because of the kind of industry we are in, and the competition that is out there, names will not be published have not been published in this post and some others to come.)

very interesting day.

Day 6-8 #workexperience

prior to my trip to Nigeria on the 16th, which is this tuesday, I’ve had to send out a lot of emails and make quite a few phone calls in order to certify certain target artist i want on the channel. the team has been gearing up for this trip as this is in fact an opportunity for the company to create a lot more content and put things in place. as i already stated, i saw this work experience as an opportunity for my self and vendreditv.

we have had to put things in place in Nigeria so that once i get in, work would start with effect. we have also been in contact with some potential investors and have set meetings with them during the period of time i am in Nigeria. our representative in Nigeria is equally excited for my three week trip to Nigeria so equally he has been working to ensure our travelling and movement will go smoothly, he has been contacting some underground rappers to feature on the channel for our vendreditv freestyles, and handling other logistics of the trip.

I had to set a meeting with the team to review the synopsis of our various forms of content we have and are to have on the channel and to also set out and brief the plan in Nigeria; I’ve also had to set out the team to continue work here in England while I’m gone ensuring their still in contact with our web designers etc. the disadvantage of being the one video producer in the team means when I’m not there nothing can actually actualise except a working plan. but at the same time, i wouldn’t like it any other way for now because i feel like if i tell others to film a particular interview or show for vendredi, they will not achieve what we/I actually want in terms of the delivery. in other words, i don’t trust any other filmer. It was a really good discussion as we covered the key goals and aims of this trip, my presentations to the investors etc.

i am very excited, this is a time to actually to do some key vendreditv work in Nigeria as most of the content we’ve been able to create has been here in the UK; it is also a chance to increase our networking as a company and it is interesting people actually want to hear  and see what we have to offer.

The excitement cannot be described.


Day 5 #workexperience

today i had a meeting with one of our potential web designer, IMAGE just to have a general discussion with them concerning the website as i will be leaving the country on the 16th of this month. This meeting was important just to let them know we’re still on the ball with them and just clarifying other certain details. my contact there is the director himself and their company is very enthusiastic to work with us considering this is their first time working with an organisation with a brand like ours.

BRAND discussion was very key in my meet with them today. i already let them know this from the first day I came into their office, brand is too important and key to what we as a team are trying to achieve with vendreditv in our market. delivery is important in whatever we do; in all our content and most importantly the website. these are just the kind of things I reiterated to them.

however, for the sake of protecting our brand in the mind of industry  we are in, i will  not be able to get in to detail with what i discussed with them.

Day 4 #workexperience

i have been working on the video for the past week, post-production, this is the bit of video production i really do love, editing. Been tryna get the colours right and all my edits and the footage is looking really good.



But today, we had a video shoot. todays post is about my job in managing the artist Sheggzz. we a=had already shot the video for his first single ‘All na swag’ but the video directors let us know that we had to shoot more scenes so, myself, Sheggzz and his producer syd jones went to Birmingham for the shoot. the cold today was biting and the wind wasn’t helping, but it had to be done. i had to make sure sheggzz was ready for shoot as he had got a hair cut the day before,


packed the right clothes and shoes because of the his brand which we are working very carefully with.we were supposed to meet the video directors for 1 but we ended up waiting for them till about 2 30pm/3. really annoying but thats the kind of situations we have to go through when the director has said we do NEED more scenes.

when we eventually met him, we headed to our set which was a wall and a house filled with graffiti work. the reason why we chose this kind of set is because is fits in perfectly with the ‘Sheggzz’ brand we are trying to portray- the young, rebellious cool kid doing afrobeats music.

the day went well and we set out to achieve our set goals for the shoot today.