Day 4 #workexperience

i have been working on the video for the past week, post-production, this is the bit of video production i really do love, editing. Been tryna get the colours right and all my edits and the footage is looking really good.



But today, we had a video shoot. todays post is about my job in managing the artist Sheggzz. we a=had already shot the video for his first single ‘All na swag’ but the video directors let us know that we had to shoot more scenes so, myself, Sheggzz and his producer syd jones went to Birmingham for the shoot. the cold today was biting and the wind wasn’t helping, but it had to be done. i had to make sure sheggzz was ready for shoot as he had got a hair cut the day before,


packed the right clothes and shoes because of the his brand which we are working very carefully with.we were supposed to meet the video directors for 1 but we ended up waiting for them till about 2 30pm/3. really annoying but thats the kind of situations we have to go through when the director has said we do NEED more scenes.

when we eventually met him, we headed to our set which was a wall and a house filled with graffiti work. the reason why we chose this kind of set is because is fits in perfectly with the ‘Sheggzz’ brand we are trying to portray- the young, rebellious cool kid doing afrobeats music.

the day went well and we set out to achieve our set goals for the shoot today.

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