Day 5 #workexperience

today i had a meeting with one of our potential web designer, IMAGE just to have a general discussion with them concerning the website as i will be leaving the country on the 16th of this month. This meeting was important just to let them know we’re still on the ball with them and just clarifying other certain details. my contact there is the director himself and their company is very enthusiastic to work with us considering this is their first time working with an organisation with a brand like ours.

BRAND discussion was very key in my meet with them today. i already let them know this from the first day I came into their office, brand is too important and key to what we as a team are trying to achieve with vendreditv in our market. delivery is important in whatever we do; in all our content and most importantly the website. these are just the kind of things I reiterated to them.

however, for the sake of protecting our brand in the mind of industry  we are in, i will  not be able to get in to detail with what i discussed with them.

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