Day 6-8 #workexperience

prior to my trip to Nigeria on the 16th, which is this tuesday, I’ve had to send out a lot of emails and make quite a few phone calls in order to certify certain target artist i want on the channel. the team has been gearing up for this trip as this is in fact an opportunity for the company to create a lot more content and put things in place. as i already stated, i saw this work experience as an opportunity for my self and vendreditv.

we have had to put things in place in Nigeria so that once i get in, work would start with effect. we have also been in contact with some potential investors and have set meetings with them during the period of time i am in Nigeria. our representative in Nigeria is equally excited for my three week trip to Nigeria so equally he has been working to ensure our travelling and movement will go smoothly, he has been contacting some underground rappers to feature on the channel for our vendreditv freestyles, and handling other logistics of the trip.

I had to set a meeting with the team to review the synopsis of our various forms of content we have and are to have on the channel and to also set out and brief the plan in Nigeria; I’ve also had to set out the team to continue work here in England while I’m gone ensuring their still in contact with our web designers etc. the disadvantage of being the one video producer in the team means when I’m not there nothing can actually actualise except a working plan. but at the same time, i wouldn’t like it any other way for now because i feel like if i tell others to film a particular interview or show for vendredi, they will not achieve what we/I actually want in terms of the delivery. in other words, i don’t trust any other filmer. It was a really good discussion as we covered the key goals and aims of this trip, my presentations to the investors etc.

i am very excited, this is a time to actually to do some key vendreditv work in Nigeria as most of the content we’ve been able to create has been here in the UK; it is also a chance to increase our networking as a company and it is interesting people actually want to hear  and see what we have to offer.

The excitement cannot be described.


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