Day 9 #workexperience

today i had two meetings, one with the artist of a well known artist in Nigeria and the other with the promo company handling Sheggzz music promo in Nigeria.

the promo company meeting came first. as sheggzz manager i need to ensure everything in place for the music is actually working. as i have not been in the country for a while until now, reviewing their promo work and what their next plan of action is very key. we had a good discussion as i met the director of the promo company. he said a few things i did not like as regards to how the promo is to work but i revised his working plan making him fully aware that ‘Sheggzz’ brand did  not agree with some of his strategies for promo. so we rectified it and now have a working plan indeed. he was pleased to meet me because it was actually the first meeting we had as all our discussions and planning had been over the phone. the next plan focused on the release of the ‘All na swag’ music video and the release of Sheggzz new songs.

the second meeting was a lunch meeting with the manager of one of the most versatile young rappers in Nigeria. this was our first meeting and i had to sell myself to him so as to allow me feature his artist on our channel. having this rapper on our channel will give us quite a lot of exposure, so ascertain this was key. he was impressed when i showed him the videos i had made and what the project with his artist was going to cover and so he was more than happy to be involved in it which was great for the tv!

challenges i faced today was just having to wait for these people to show up every time. knowing the kind of traffic that happens in Lagos, i always tried to make sure i worked in good time frame so as to get to the meeting as early i could because i did not want to get anyone waiting , after all, first impressions last forever.

(Because of the kind of industry we are in, and the competition that is out there, names will not be published have not been published in this post and some others to come.)

very interesting day.

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