Day 10-11 #workexperience

in the past two days i have had to visit some of the potential sets and gain permissions for the use of these places. one potential place i visited was a fashion store called ‘needle point’ in Lagos. Very interesting place with a fine and ideal setting with the content i have in mind to create here. funny story today, i hope to just use the place for a set solely but on getting to location and talking to the lady doing her shift today, she made me aware her boss was the one that actually made everything in the store. i was mind blown because ideally, it is someone like her we’ve been looking to feature on the channel. however because of the industry, I’m limited to what i can say on this.

i visited different lounges in Ikeja, Sururlere and some in Ebute-metta. really interesting places I found. On talking to the PRs of some of these places, they seemed enthusiastic to work with us and when i showed them the kind of content we hoped to create and the general idea, hey liked it but on the condition that their restaurant/lounge got publicity, this is our bill to pay. however, this did not prove to be an issue as we already saw it coming and as team already agreed to paying them back with publicity as long discussions of money did not arise as our funding was limited. as a result of funding challenge, we targeted really nice settings which could do with a bit of publicity and not the famous spots in lagos. this was a strategy we devised to cut cost.

ensuring we have a working set that adds to the swagger of our content is key to our brand, thus why i ensured i visited these places and ensured we had their contacts and their willingness to work with us.

what I’ve learnt so far, your presentation is too key.

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