Day 12 #workexperience

I had a meeting with a potential investor today.

very interesting meeting and in fact very fulfilling meeting. we talked about everything vendreditv is. i let him know we had not come very far with content but without promo he was impressed one of our youtube videos have 20,000+ views. he kept going on and on about it and made it clear that that showed that this thing can work. it as fulfilling to know that. he was very concerned about the trafficking we could get on our upcoming website and the revenue we could get. he used various other companies in the same field but different market doing what we’re doing. having all this said to me just made it clearer that in fact we’re doing the right thing, no better feeling than to be told by a potential investor, someone who is older with more experience and know how can acknowledge our efforts.

it was a very interesting meeting and he seemed very enthusiastic to actually see what we could do.

we have scheduled another meeting for July.

blessed day.

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