Day 13 #workexperience

today was very interesting. I had the opportunity to get an interview with one of the fathers of the growth of afrobeats but we could not because my contact to him did not let him know we were actually coming to film him but instead he thought that we were coming to talk about the project prior to actualising it. this was actually annoying and upsetting mainly because i could not achieve what in set out to today.

however, meeting this legend was very fulfilling. we spoke about vendreditv, i let him in what vendreditv is, our aims, our goals, our vision etc and he said he was impressed. because of his experience in running his own programme on national television here in Nigeria he was able to advise me a lot on and give advice and critiques to some of my ideas. the meeting was in one word- fulfilling. i learnt a lot from him, i learnt a lot more than i thought i would when i met him today.

as s result of not being able to do the shoot today, he made me aware that he was leaving the country but he will try squeeze it into his time but if not we will definitely het the interview when I am back in the country in June/July. Not being able to reach these people but using a contact just shows the challenges of the middle man. this is why i am actually of the middle man approach because they say the wrong things and sometimes do not sell the company to others as they’re supposed to. if the middle man was in the team it would have gone smoother but having been an outsider ruined the whole shoot. but at the end of the day, i was able to get more than shoot from meeting this man.

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