Day 14-16 #workexperience

I’ve been bale to generate content and move forward with our projects these past three days.

after researching and contacting several managers over artist that they manage or some independent artist, i decided it i snow time to move on to start generating the content that i came to Nigeria to achieve. our first shoot was a female rapper calle ‘AT’, being an upcoming act meant she indeed did need the exposure so we were able to sell ourselves to her management to authorise the shoot. the shoot went very well as we shot the rap freestyle in her studio. exciting shoot because it was my first time at the set but i was able to improvise with lightning which was no helping to my advantage at first.

i had to meet with one of our potential web designers the next day so as to explain the recommendations for the website we were looking for. his experience and confidence in fact did sell him and his work to me, the meeting was really fun and interesting mainly because he was a youth like my self and so talking and explaining my specifications to him was pretty straight forward. it was a good shout out from on of vendredi team members, our representative, to find him. the next working plan is that i am to receive the template of the website at the end of the coming week.

we had a very exciting shoot on day 16. we got to follow a bunch of artist to an event in a secondary school today called Doregos Private Academy, as they supported ‘children’s day’ but our focus was one of these artists, Phenom. it was something like a documentary of key moments of the event as he played basketball with the kids, listened to and advised some of the rappers in the school, took pictures with these kids and just made them feel special in general. we got the opportunity to film all of this on the day. a main challenge we faced on this day as team was getting there as result of traffic. we got there about an hour late because of the traffic so we missed out on some events but that did not stop us fro ¬†achieving our goals that day.

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