Day 17-19 #workexperience

the sunday after the shoot at Doregos private academy came another rap freestyle shoot. this was of another upcoming act called ‘Basky’. the team and I went to his house as he had a studio which was ideal for the rap freestyle rap video. however, as director i wanted to work with various settings before concluding definitely on the studio as the set for the shoot, however the artist was persistent about using the studio for his shoot so which i had no problem with anyway so we stuck to that. the footage and shots came out really good and so now I’m hoping for the best in post production.

after Phenom saw our style of work and in entering discussions with him, they were very enthusiastic  to further work with us so we were invited for a radio interview phenom was to attend with another very prestigious artist. this however did not happen. the shoot was to go at 11am on monday morning but even as at 12 noon we couldn’t reach them. very annoying. but what could we have done. we later got through to the manager and he let us know what happened and he was apologetic about the whole situation so we got to film another on his artist today called ‘Fefe’ an upcoming singer with a very strong voice. so we did the acoustic sessions with her as she sang one of her tracks to be released soon called ‘aura’. having already meet fefe even prior to the shoot today, it made things much easier to film her as everyone was casual and calm but had their work game on.

the day after, we had another freestyle shoot. amidst all these shoots we were getting everyday, i was still in post production of some of the videos thus i was getting so much on my plate. Time management was key to ensuring that i could manage all these much work. we now had to film another upcoming act called ‘Mobie’ and in were trying to create a ghetto kind of scenery as that is the brand the artist was aiming for, we filmed it outside by a basketball court. the footage came out really well after i checked it and I am so excited for post production!

work! work!! work!!!


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