Day 20+21 #workexperience

Day 20

today was pretty disappointing and in fact annoying. we had to wait endlessly for one of our acts till it became clear to us that this act was actually never going to come. what made it more annoying is that we had to keep other people waiting for a while because of these act. the whole team was looking forward to it as well because it was potentially another big act we got to feature on the channel. oh well, moving on anyway, we featured two artist free styling in one freestyle session on the roof top of the shop rite mall in Lagos (exciting stuff isn’t it) . we had to gain permissions and clarify that we were not going to the top to nothing more than film, so we showed them some of our videos and they presented our case to the security which was preventing us until they saw reason to allow us. we got the shoot at the end of the day, the weather was very permissive so we had not problem with wind noises affecting the sound etc as we normally do.

Day 21

coming to my last days in Nigeria we were still going hard on the freestyles today and i had managed to finish producing all the other freestyle videos we had already done! however coming to the point of today, we were able to get two freestyle shoots done today in great time and with great organisation. we started off the first shoot at 12 noon, same location as the previous one at the top of the mall but in order to make it look different and to ensure versatility in our content, we switched up how we used the rooftop again. the name of this upcoming act is ‘Esojay’ a versatile rapper with a video getting a very good vibe from the public. both him and his team were very enthusiastic to work with us, they more i had to sell myself to people, the better i got at it.

our second shoot that day which was scheduled for 6 that evening in a chinese restaurant in Lagos was an established artist. the set looked very good on camera and what we did was to make us of the bar as the main location on set for the video. the minute we showed them all the freestyle videos i had finished editing, they were really on the ball to make the shoot the best they could an they did!

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