My journey to campus in pictures.

Coventry is a canvas of memories for me. I have been studying in coventry for 4 years and now I am currently undertaking my postgraduate study, making it my 5th year here so there are a lot of meaningful spaces and places around coventry. On almost every turn around the city centre I can picture a memory. When we were set this task I was excited because it meant a call upon my reflexivity about the spaces that had the most affect on me.

In my 4 years in coventry I have always lived around the city centre but for my postgraduate I decided to move outward so my journey to campus is one that i experience on a 20 minute bus journey into Coventry. But this is where my journey to Coventry ideally starts from;


From this window in my room I see the sun set and the sun rise, I can see the stars at night telling me to dream and I can taste the start of a new day in the morning telling me to chase those dreams.

My Journey follows through to the bus stop where I wait and sit and this bench most mornings. from this bench what i see every morning is this tree;

The tree serves as a reminder of the seasons to me. Autumn last year, the tree was filled with golden leaves that paved the grass with the beauty of autumn that acted as a n inspiration to the start of the academic year in September. Now that we’re in the winter season, the lack of leaves for me represents¬†a busy period, a scary period, an active reminder of the difficult challenges and tasks ahead.

My bus seat preference is to be sat right at the front on the upper deck of the bus. This gives me more to look at and gander upon.


There is always an anxiety to return to the city space because it is what I am more familiar with living in Coventry. But this bus journeys soften this anxiety, I occupy myself by reading or listening to music, most times I use this journeys to think through the theories we learn in class, I know, a tad too nerdy. lol. IMG_20160202_101518


When I start to see things in the city space I am familiar with as we get closer, this anxiety to return slowly begins to fade. At this point when I see the tall building of the Ramada hotel, a place where I have memories in, I know I have returned. IMG_20160202_102041

The large space in front of the Coventry transport museum always brings back the memory of one of the most epic moment in my filming career thus far. On this epic night, I was filming a ‘bar crawl’ event and the whole of that space was filled with people in blue shirts. The shot on the night was magnificent.


My favourite part of the journey, the moment I finally arrive at my destination on the bus. At this point my anxiety to return is completely lifted.