Guide to Campus; Presentation and Production Workshop.

Its the second week and my first meeting with the Guide to campus team and already I can tell we are going to create something special.

In this meeting and workshop I got to meet everyone on the team and and we had our first workshop on presentation and production with Claire Simmons (CGE) and Becks Stewart (FAH).

Claire talked us through how to appear and act in front of camera like a professional presenter. Each of us had to do a runway walk and talk as if on set, a practice run which was a lot of fun, especially when we had to project our voices, it was a wonderful melody from everyone lol

The important rules on how to present like a professional this include;

  • Chin up
  • Shoulders straight to depict confidence
  • Walk straight
  • Mildly expressive hands makes your presentation less boring, when overdone it distracts the audience
  • and wear a smile that tears your face 🙂

The important thing to consider when presenting is the audience, how is your target audience receiving the message?- how are you as the presenter delivering the message to your target audience?

Becks then went on to talk us through how to produce professional films in the most cost effective way- through our mobile phones. She got us to download the Adobe Premiere mobile app and our first task was to shoot and edit on our phones. I found this very helpful being that I come from a production background and it got me thinking about how i approach my films- mainly with the use of Dslr. but giving that the world is now a very digital mediated culture, our technology has the put the craft of filmmaking all in one place- our mobile phones.


check out my Guide to Campus Vlog below;