STUDENTS: As a student at Coventry University you will be expected to set up and manage your own blog that will be used to help you build an online profile and maintain critical reflections around your course studies. To help start you off and provide helpful resources, you should find all you need to get started in this ready made template including useful web-links and module categories. ONCE YOU HAVE FAMILIARIZED YOURSELF WITH THIS TEMPLATE PLEASE REPLACE THIS ABOUT PAGE CONTENT WITH A PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY, OR SIMPLY DELETE THE PAGE

Along the top of the page are links to other pages within your blog:

– Your HOME page is where your ‘posts’ will appear in a time-line. Most of your blogging will be done with this page

– You are currently on the ABOUT page, once you are familiar with how your blog works you can change the text in this page to tell your audience about yourself, or simply delete the page

– The HOW TO page features a quick guide to get you started blogging, from creating pages to posting images and text

– The CU resources page links to Coventry University pages and essential resources that you will need to use as a student.

– The LINKS page has a selection of websites that your tutor has recommended for you. This page can be added to as you find new links to share


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