New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

it’s a new week and its the valentine week! (to make things more depressing for some), it’s a week of love, unconditional one on this particular day (not like we shouldn’t show love everyday),  a week where the single ladies will grab their big tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and the single men all grab their bottles of Jack Daniels (#foreveralone) and the couples will holds hands together to the cinema or to a fine restaurant. I’m just trying to paint a valentine day cliche picture for you, from my side of the story at least. i won’t fall into any of the categories (thank God!!) as I’ll be blogging away (#foreveralone). no doubt, wordpress would be crowded with soooo many valentine blogs, you just wait and see. to be honest, I’ll be reblogging a lot of this valentine blogs, the good ones though and yes expect one from me might compose a poem or a song you can never know. but in all people, how has the weekend been? hope not too stressful. thank God it didn’t snow in coventry, well to be honest if it did i won’t mind as i was in the whole weekend.

this week is looking lovely dubly and exciting (as regards to my course), i wonder what AD will do in tomorrows lecture, anyway, that not being the point this week looks interesting and its actually getting more intense as the deadline for the coursework is coming closer and closer but the learning experience is still interesting as we are about to learn analysing images. this will probably be the most interesting lecture in this module for me (182MC) as i love this field of photos analysis but lest I or we forget, I’ll have to link it to my research focus i.e. mens magazine. foreseeing the future, this will be interesting as images depicting homosociality, homosexuality, sexuality, objectifying the woman etc will be analysed and some harsh truth about these mens magazine will be revealed through such images.

looking to forward to the week of love and image analysis until then remember, diem rapere!






New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

it’s a new week and most importantly a new month, the month of love (just for the record I think love shouldnt be dedicated to one month but to all!) many say. Welcome. LOL I sound like some kind of calendar ambassador there right telling you what to expect and that. anyway… I got a such a good feeling about this month, actually that’s wrong because I don’t like snow and for some reason it snowed this month, FEBRUARY!!! I’m just quite upset because I was so happy it didn’t snow in christmas and i thought that was the last of snow we’ll know this season but obviously it wasnt.

enough with my groaning, good morning reader hope your monday wasnt too bad yesterday. i know this blog is supposed to be a monday morning routine, apologies for my lateness but here I am and here it is. Last week was fun, I had a group presentation on Micheal De Certeau ideology of subversion using SOPA as our standing point to explain this ideology and we got to learn about how to use digital media in our research (a blog on that is still pending by the way) so it was exciting interlinking both modules in some way.

this week looks pretty exciting for both modules especially for the research module. its been a lot practical over these few weeks and I think it’s about to get even more practical this week with Discourse analysis being the topic. what i can gather that this entails will be the analysis of discourse and by discourse what i think this means is sort of the focus of study. on the module blog, AD has outlined that we will be learning about the different ways one can carry this methods of discourse analysis which include conversational analysis etc. I’m quite unsure what we’ll be studying under digital media as the other week i thought it will be on the internet and education but instead it was on subversion so m y guess is it will be on the internet and education which should be interesting as it is evident that in this day and age children are growing up with the internet, digitally one can say and identifying the pros and cons of this will be particularly interesting to examine.

I owe you a blog on digital research and that will come as soon as possible together with today’s lecture on discourse analysis. hang on tight people!




New week, new stress. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.

Another monday, in fact, last monday this month. Reflecting on my mondays this month, been sleeping on most of them as i have mondays off (woohoo!) But I have been blogging a lot too. A friend of mine once told me ‘sleeping is for cowards’. If so I hope I have removed that tag with my active blogging lately (at least i think I’m active). Anyway my fellow readers, how has your week been? sorry i couldn’t update on 180MC lecture but I hope last weeks blog on ethnography was informative (although maybe a bit boring). it is really exciting though…. I LOVE MY COURSE.

Last week was really interesting, learning about ethnography and technologies of subversion (which i haven’t blogged about  yet but wild do asap). This week however, this week is sort of what i would call a cross as we would be learning ‘digital research”‘ in 182MC which is kind of the construct of 180MC, digital media. As the name connotes, it seems like we will be learning about how to carry out our qualitative research online, for instance, setting up our target population, giving out questionnaires online etc. I’m guessing we would also be shown how to use social media to our advantage. But nothing is perfect so there will be issues and problems in using the web as a platform for research probably touching on privacy and the inadequacy of online research to efficiently provide the right data as it is ‘virtual’. At least this is what I think 182MC will entail this week. It will or should encompass everything about research but in relationship to how it is done or carried out online.

This week for 180MC on the other hand is our presentation week which I will discuss in the blog about ‘technologies of subversion’

Should be an eventful week but less i forget enjoy your monday, don’t dread it!





Guess you’re thinking the image above is an odd one considering the title of this blog is ‘Ethnography’ but honestly I sincerely believe this movie explains ethnography in the clearest way possible. The image above shows Sam Worthington’s avatar been taught how to shoot an arrow by Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) a native of the  Na’vi tribe, a tribe filled with culture, superstition and bonded by the love of nature. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has to control this body with his brain so as to immerse himself into this Na’vi tribe to eventually gain their trust to be able to convince them to move from their habitat as the humans were going in for the kill if they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, ethnography does not involve covertly studying a group of people so that you can eventually kill them or wipe them out of existence; however, the standing foundation of ethnography is evident here observation.

It worked as a two-way participation in the movie as the Na’vi king allowed Jake sully residence so that they can observe and study him  to gain understanding about these ‘demon’, humans that is. Observation is a key principle of ethnography. It involves a researcher becoming deeply immerse into a culture, society or marginal group. This without doubt is what is evident in Avatar, the movie.

Observation being a crucial tool of ethnography can be done in three ways; estrangement, de-naturilastion and Gedenkenexperiment. the first, estrangement, involves a researcher seeing himself alien to what is being studied. For Jake Sully, he didn’t have to do this as he was already an alien to what was been studied. Estrangement involves completely distancing oneself as if he had no idea what he was studying keeping an open mind to what is being studied so as to generate thick description and unbiased information. But really, is this possible? The big books in the library say this is possible and has been done by the ‘great’ researchers; really?

The second of the tools of ethnography is de-naturalisation. this involves a researcher looking at the world from a different or unusual angle. this can involve asking questions such as why do people cry when unhappy or upset? or why do people shake hands as a sign of friendship or respect? its sort of like estrangement but the twist is the change in ones views of the world for the purpose of a study with may sometimes mean asking questions with obvious answers.

The third i.e. Gedekeneperiment (interesting name init) is associated with philosophy. It asks ‘what if’ and ‘why’ questions. You know, basic philosophy questioning trying to think critical about a focus group, hypothesis or even point of study.

Observation is not the sole tool used in ethnography, interviews, field notes and fieldwork are also some essential tools although observation is the most important.

Ethnography is efficient and can work effectively but a problem with this include researcher bias, privacy as observation covertly and overtly is done etc. this is just a summary of what I know as I still have further readings to do but hang tight dear reader, I’m bringing ethnography to you. but just remember when thinking if ethnography, this of what Jake Cully (Sam Worthington) did to the people of the Na’vi tribe in Avatar.



New week, new work. More work, more stress. More stress, more knowledge.


Whenever I tell people I’m looking forward to lectures they laugh. You’re probably chuckling right about now but really I do look forward to lectures. Studying media is probably on of the most exciting courses one can take in university not only because it keeps changing but because there is so much to it that people don’t understand, it’s apparently a ‘mickey mouse’  course with people tending to forget or underestimate the power of the media in an evolving world of ideas and information overload.

Anyway, how was the weekend? New week, more stress, new knowledge. It all pays out at the end. After all, Ali once said he hated every minute of training but evidently paid out in the end. Getting more work can be fun determining on the attitude one puts into it, the stress bit, so much but the gaining of more knowledge of something, YES to that.

In this week as regards to 182MC (research in ccm), we will be learning about ethnography. My understanding of ethnography is researcher disguise in understanding a culture or sub-culture. Well, maybe not disguise as this will be unethical in a number of ways such as invading privacy and deception of participants of such a study, but I’m guessing it entails a researcher immersing himself into a culture so as to study them through a number of ways e.g interviews, questionnaires, observation etc. Should be an exciting approach to study as my field of research study is mens magazine.

As regards to 180MC(digital world) which is my favourite module this semester, the lecture is titled ‘Everything I learned, I learned it on the internet’. This should be interesting considering we(I’m a first year university student by the way) are generation C, the ones who were born into the digital world. It will also be interesting to compare children in developed countries who have access to this internet to other children in low developing countries who don’t.

Should be a fun week, will keep you posted on the new knowledge I was able to gain until then, comment, like and if possible reblog my post.