Letter to self

dear Ade,

Now I understand. i understand that the power of the media should never be underestimated because its alive. the producer gives it life and it affects different kinds of audience in different ways because it is alive. look what it did to the jews, the media is dangerous. that being said, i have come to realise the power of the media, the power of representation and the recognition of context. i have come to realise this during my first year here. i have coe to realise the power and influence the institution behind a certain text ca have in creating meaning. i have come to realise the true meaning of ‘meaning’ with the help of Saussure. ‘you are on the right path’, i was told this once this year by a lecturer and I’m glad he did because Ade, you are on the right part.


from YOU.




reflection on EAST-ASIAN movie festival

one word to describe this event is probably FUN-ALL-THE-WAY. thats technically one word. the east asian movie festival was absolutely exciting and definitely a weekend to remember. i got to see the beautiful Grace Huang (who appears to be hotter in real life) from bloodtraffik and the famous Herman Yau director of some of the best and influential east asian movies. it was such a great atmosphere with superb decorations and the co-ordination. some of the students helping organise the festival from the society wore traditional asian dresses which even made the environment feel more appealing and comfortable. i have to say, whoever came up with the idea to wear asian traditional wears is a genius. refreshment, we can’t forget about refreshment now can we, it was good. friendly environment with a whole lot people with the same interest (east asian movies) talking and sharing stories. i found really insertional meeting all this people like Herman Yau. they talked about the difficulties and constrictions they have when it comes to putting a movie piece together. they talked about the good, the bad and the ugly of movie production. this opened my eyes to what is to come. its not just in movie production but media as a whole. there are certain huddles one must jump over to achieve its aim in a text. sometimes this huddles are too high and they restrict the whole piece as a whole. but the important i learnt is the this peole didn’t just become good over night, it took a process. my process is university and because of this working harder to fulfil that dream at the end of the day is state of mind i hold.


EAST-ASIAN movie reviews.

The three movies i saw for this post were THE REVOLUTION OF THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT, FLOWERS OF WAR and UNDERWATER LOVE. My favourite on this list is flowers of war starring the famous’Dark Knight’ star CHristian Bale. i think the reason why i love this movie is because the ones  who have been dimmed in society to be immoral, insensitive and basically of no good is the ones who became the heroes at the end of the day. I’m talking about the prostitutes. the movies is filled with the themes of self sacrifice, loyalty and perseverance all standing on one central theme, the casualties war brings. it just goes to show war brings more harm than good. the theme of loyalty can be seen in the role the soldiers played, they are ready to die for their country no matter how little victory seems. the theme of self sacrifice is apparent in the dedication and loyalty shown by  soldiers who were ready to die for their country especially the one who blew themselves up to stop the war tank of the opposition. this is also apparent in the act of the soldier who protected the young girls in the church with his life. he ended committing suicide bomb by blowing himself up to kill all members of the opposition who terrorised the church another interesting thing i found in the movie is how some as insignificant in everyday life as a haircut can be so important in harsh times and conditions. the transformation of chritian bale form a drunk to a hero who faked the role of the head bishop came from just a haircut. he was a selfish drug who seemed to care about only money and sex but  he ended up a hero and this began with a shave. in cutting the prostitutes hair to make them younger again also depicts the significance of a haircut. his transformation of the young boy to a young virgin girl with a simple wig also goes to show the impact a haircut or maybe just HAIR. but in all i love that the prostitutes became the heroes, one life for another, the selfish ones where the ones who gave their lives to save the other.

REVOLUTION OF RED LIGHT DISTRICT takes a different turn though. the plot presents a hustler in the form of a taxi driver who gets fired and later finds his path to wealth in making sex toys. YES sex toys. the film stands on the grounds of how sex can be such a powerful commodity in todays market. even if seen as an immoral job, so to speak, the money gotten from selling pleasure in the form of sex taking the shape of a vibrator is seen to be highly lucrative. i like how it opens with a comment of the over population in Asia relatively caused by sex. moving on to the sex shop, my comment on todays society and sex is apparent where the sex shop was able to pull everybody in the community together to save the sex shop form the inspector who later confiscated all the sex toys. what i really really like about this movie is where they suggest the old school is better than the new school with the use of ancient traditional herbs and its recognition in making sex better. i don’t find it surprising that a white british-european male heads this sex company. i think its stereotype, you know, British people and sex. well its my thought.

UNDERWATER LOVE, definitely not my favourite at all. this is a pink movie and by that i mean lift porn. so this lady falls in love with a ‘KAPPA’, a tortoise to be exact. like WHAT THE HELL?!! he likes her she doesn’t like him or she tries not to because she’s got a fiancé who is head of the company, bla bla bla, he is hurt he sleeps with her co-worker who doesn’t find it weird to have sex with a tortoise who has a green gruesome looking penis. i really don’t like this movie. but in all it goes to show the power of love even if a tortoise is involved. yes even if puts a tortoise. no more comments.

these are my opinions on the east asian movies if you have any objections, additions or thoughts over these fell free to comment below.


Letter to SELF.

Dear Ade,

some say the ‘world is your oyster’, really this means take advantage of the world around you. But sometimes I ask if the world is really our oyster or if that’s just another saying in a ‘self-employment for dummies’ book. With the media skills you are going to gain in the next three years, the world can become more than an oyster but an empty canvas left to be painted with your ideas as the colour and concept of the masterpiece. A youth with so many ideas in a potentially idealistic world that seeks to bring out the potential perfection in individuals with the will to be ideal and unique. A teenager that seeks to explore the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of different cultures and religions. A scared but brave youth who has no idea what the next three years will bring but Ade, the faith you hold overshadows the fear in your heart.

From YOU,



Racism and the Media.

My bet is that some who see these images will argue that these are advertisements from the past thus mean nothing as racism back then was almost seen as a norm. Social class was the key to the functioning of society back then thus, those ‘different’ or referred to as the ‘others’ were below this scale or hierarchy. This is vividly evident from the ‘Van Heusen’  where the ‘foreigner’ is seen to appear in his traditional wear compared to the others in the advertisement thus depicting unprofessionalism and unfit for white-collar jobs in society. For argument sake I’m going to answer to the one who thinks this is not evident in today’s society.

Intel (2007)

Sony (2006)

SPANISH basketball team at BEIJING Olympics.

Beyoncé in Loreal advertisement.



Black herbal toothpaste.


Lucky Charms. (Racist against the Irish)


Many have argued that these issues are taken too sensitive. My reply to that is to read between lines, see below what is present before your eyes. To be fair, in some cases the intention was not to be racist but they construct and settings of the text in concern changes the interpretation of the text itself.

Depending on the culture or setting in concern, I do not think the ethnic minorities in society are the only victims, EVERYONE IS A VICTIM. Now-a-days, the use of the race card by ethnic students at large to get out of trouble is now being practiced even more. WE are all victims of this race distinction because of the certain stereotypes that society has instilled upon us. WE are all victims no matter the race, Asian, White, Black etc we are all victims of these racially divided construct in society. So i pose the question which has an obvious answer as far as I’m concerned, IS RACISM REALLY DEAD?

I intended to use pictures and videos to instill thoughts into the mind of my readers but I  couldn’t help but to write a paragraph.. or two. If you have any arguments, contributions or questions, please comment below.