Letter to SELF.

Dear Ade,

some say the ‘world is your oyster’, really this means take advantage of the world around you. But sometimes I ask if the world is really our oyster or if that’s just another saying in a ‘self-employment for dummies’ book. With the media skills you are going to gain in the next three years, the world can become more than an oyster but an empty canvas left to be painted with your ideas as the colour and concept of the masterpiece. A youth with so many ideas in a potentially idealistic world that seeks to bring out the potential perfection in individuals with the will to be ideal and unique. A teenager that seeks to explore the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of different cultures and religions. A scared but brave youth who has no idea what the next three years will bring but Ade, the faith you hold overshadows the fear in your heart.

From YOU,





As a student at Coventry University you will be expected to set up and manage your own blog. To help start you off and provide helpful resources, you will find all you need to get started on this ready made template. Along the top of the page will be links to other pages. These include;

– Your HOME page is where your ‘posts’ will appear in a chronological time-line. Most of your blogging will be done on this page

– Once you are familiar with how your blog works you can change the text in this page to tell your audience about yourself, or simply delete the page

– The HOW TO page features a quick guide to get you started blogging, from creating pages to posting images and text

– The CU resources page links to Coventry University pages and essential resources that you will need to use as a student, these include the Library website and the Media Loan Shop page

– The LINKS page has a selection of useful websites & links