If Colonel Hans Landa was a student….oh boy

Let me firstly tell you about my favourite character Colonel Hans Landa from one of my favourite Tarantino films, Inglorious Bastards. Inglorious Bastards is an alternative history of how Hitler was killed in the end and how all the different elements, unaware of each others role, were responsible for the demise of the socialist party. Colonel Hans Landa was a key part to the final demise and in fact the main reason why the assassination was a success. Colonel Hans Landa is a detective with a reputation that precedes him which even earned him the title, ‘The Jew Hunter’. He worked for Hitler and his propaganda as a secret service detective and in the end destroyed all of Hitlers administration and even the Fuhrer himself, winning the war for the United States and bringing the socialist party to its knees. Colonel Hans Landa, The Jew Hunter is a man of many faces and this is why he is my favourite character in the film Inglorious Bastards.

I am going to refer to him as Hans from this point on. So if Hans was a student…oh boy.

i’ll tell you this for sure, if Colonel Hans Landa was a student he will be a people person because his strongest trait is that he understands people. He knows how to talk to people, he knows what to say and what to do to get the answers and reaction he wants out of people.  He will definitely be in the student union aiming to be at the top of the food chain, with his ambitious personality there is not holding back for Hans.

Hans is cunningly smart and is all about mind games. He will make a lot of friends at first and then loose them systematically over a period because every conversation is an interrogation to know more or know something in particular, this will get annoying. Hans is not easily figured out, in University when people cannot really figure out who you are or what you are into, they tend to keep away or stay around long enough till you show your true colours. Hans will be that student. He will be able to play whatever part he chooses amongst his cohort long enough till he can free himself of them. There is only one person on Hans’s mind and that is Hans. He always has his own agenda, people think they know him, people would think they have him  figured out but the truth is no one really knows him, only Hans knows who Hans really is.

As a student his work ethic will be incredibly high. Hans is an effective and efficient person. This stems from the fact that he has passion for what he is doing. He is also very curious and it is this curiosity that gets him what he wants. He is always asking questions, these questions are never just random questions, it is always a means to an end. Hans is very strategic with his thinking, words and actions. This trait makes him a theatrical person. Hans is all about putting on a show.  As a student this will be eccentric

So would Colonel Hans Landa make a good role model? maybe not but then again, he is efficient and effective. He is smart but not loyal, he is highly strategic but this his hubris. When he has a plan Hans makes sure everything is perfection and because he knows people so well sometimes he does not see the flaw coming. The Human character is not rigid, it is not necessarily fixed at all times. This is what Hans does not fully understand even as smart as he is, he cannot always get it right because we as people are full of surprises.



I think when you can tell what a person is into by their vibes and aura it speaks a lot about them. I mean what good is it if you love doing something or you have a passion for this craft or professional job or even an ideology and it does not reflect on you. Talha is a creative by right and practice. His enthusiasm and drive for photography coupled with his love and appreciation of nature separates his photography work from others, this is motivating really. His buzzing attitude to work and witty personality makes him a great person to work with.

Talha, born in Pakistan and raised in Uganda, has had four years experience in photography and also a BA in photography from the 3 time modern university of the year, Coventry University. Being the kind of person who enjoys getting involved with different projects where he can express his creativity in photography, he is currently a senior member of Photoclub, a youthful photography club for keen young photographers.

His willingness to inspire is reflected in his Save the Children volunteer as a photographer. Talha is now studying his masters in media and communication in Coventry University where he specializes in photography. He loves to travel and he wants to see and capture the world in exciting ways!

Day 20+21 #workexperience

Day 20

today was pretty disappointing and in fact annoying. we had to wait endlessly for one of our acts till it became clear to us that this act was actually never going to come. what made it more annoying is that we had to keep other people waiting for a while because of these act. the whole team was looking forward to it as well because it was potentially another big act we got to feature on the channel. oh well, moving on anyway, we featured two artist free styling in one freestyle session on the roof top of the shop rite mall in Lagos (exciting stuff isn’t it) . we had to gain permissions and clarify that we were not going to the top to nothing more than film, so we showed them some of our videos and they presented our case to the security which was preventing us until they saw reason to allow us. we got the shoot at the end of the day, the weather was very permissive so we had not problem with wind noises affecting the sound etc as we normally do.

Day 21

coming to my last days in Nigeria we were still going hard on the freestyles today and i had managed to finish producing all the other freestyle videos we had already done! however coming to the point of today, we were able to get two freestyle shoots done today in great time and with great organisation. we started off the first shoot at 12 noon, same location as the previous one at the top of the mall but in order to make it look different and to ensure versatility in our content, we switched up how we used the rooftop again. the name of this upcoming act is ‘Esojay’ a versatile rapper with a video getting a very good vibe from the public. both him and his team were very enthusiastic to work with us, they more i had to sell myself to people, the better i got at it.

our second shoot that day which was scheduled for 6 that evening in a chinese restaurant in Lagos was an established artist. the set looked very good on camera and what we did was to make us of the bar as the main location on set for the video. the minute we showed them all the freestyle videos i had finished editing, they were really on the ball to make the shoot the best they could an they did!

Day 17-19 #workexperience

the sunday after the shoot at Doregos private academy came another rap freestyle shoot. this was of another upcoming act called ‘Basky’. the team and I went to his house as he had a studio which was ideal for the rap freestyle rap video. however, as director i wanted to work with various settings before concluding definitely on the studio as the set for the shoot, however the artist was persistent about using the studio for his shoot so which i had no problem with anyway so we stuck to that. the footage and shots came out really good and so now I’m hoping for the best in post production.

after Phenom saw our style of work and in entering discussions with him, they were very enthusiastic  to further work with us so we were invited for a radio interview phenom was to attend with another very prestigious artist. this however did not happen. the shoot was to go at 11am on monday morning but even as at 12 noon we couldn’t reach them. very annoying. but what could we have done. we later got through to the manager and he let us know what happened and he was apologetic about the whole situation so we got to film another on his artist today called ‘Fefe’ an upcoming singer with a very strong voice. so we did the acoustic sessions with her as she sang one of her tracks to be released soon called ‘aura’. having already meet fefe even prior to the shoot today, it made things much easier to film her as everyone was casual and calm but had their work game on.

the day after, we had another freestyle shoot. amidst all these shoots we were getting everyday, i was still in post production of some of the videos thus i was getting so much on my plate. Time management was key to ensuring that i could manage all these much work. we now had to film another upcoming act called ‘Mobie’ and in were trying to create a ghetto kind of scenery as that is the brand the artist was aiming for, we filmed it outside by a basketball court. the footage came out really well after i checked it and I am so excited for post production!

work! work!! work!!!


Day 14-16 #workexperience

I’ve been bale to generate content and move forward with our projects these past three days.

after researching and contacting several managers over artist that they manage or some independent artist, i decided it i snow time to move on to start generating the content that i came to Nigeria to achieve. our first shoot was a female rapper calle ‘AT’, being an upcoming act meant she indeed did need the exposure so we were able to sell ourselves to her management to authorise the shoot. the shoot went very well as we shot the rap freestyle in her studio. exciting shoot because it was my first time at the set but i was able to improvise with lightning which was no helping to my advantage at first.

i had to meet with one of our potential web designers the next day so as to explain the recommendations for the website we were looking for. his experience and confidence in fact did sell him and his work to me, the meeting was really fun and interesting mainly because he was a youth like my self and so talking and explaining my specifications to him was pretty straight forward. it was a good shout out from on of vendredi team members, our representative, to find him. the next working plan is that i am to receive the template of the website at the end of the coming week.

we had a very exciting shoot on day 16. we got to follow a bunch of artist to an event in a secondary school today called Doregos Private Academy, as they supported ‘children’s day’ but our focus was one of these artists, Phenom. it was something like a documentary of key moments of the event as he played basketball with the kids, listened to and advised some of the rappers in the school, took pictures with these kids and just made them feel special in general. we got the opportunity to film all of this on the day. a main challenge we faced on this day as team was getting there as result of traffic. we got there about an hour late because of the traffic so we missed out on some events but that did not stop us fro  achieving our goals that day.

Day 13 #workexperience

today was very interesting. I had the opportunity to get an interview with one of the fathers of the growth of afrobeats but we could not because my contact to him did not let him know we were actually coming to film him but instead he thought that we were coming to talk about the project prior to actualising it. this was actually annoying and upsetting mainly because i could not achieve what in set out to today.

however, meeting this legend was very fulfilling. we spoke about vendreditv, i let him in what vendreditv is, our aims, our goals, our vision etc and he said he was impressed. because of his experience in running his own programme on national television here in Nigeria he was able to advise me a lot on and give advice and critiques to some of my ideas. the meeting was in one word- fulfilling. i learnt a lot from him, i learnt a lot more than i thought i would when i met him today.

as s result of not being able to do the shoot today, he made me aware that he was leaving the country but he will try squeeze it into his time but if not we will definitely het the interview when I am back in the country in June/July. Not being able to reach these people but using a contact just shows the challenges of the middle man. this is why i am actually of the middle man approach because they say the wrong things and sometimes do not sell the company to others as they’re supposed to. if the middle man was in the team it would have gone smoother but having been an outsider ruined the whole shoot. but at the end of the day, i was able to get more than shoot from meeting this man.

Day 12 #workexperience

I had a meeting with a potential investor today.

very interesting meeting and in fact very fulfilling meeting. we talked about everything vendreditv is. i let him know we had not come very far with content but without promo he was impressed one of our youtube videos have 20,000+ views. he kept going on and on about it and made it clear that that showed that this thing can work. it as fulfilling to know that. he was very concerned about the trafficking we could get on our upcoming website and the revenue we could get. he used various other companies in the same field but different market doing what we’re doing. having all this said to me just made it clearer that in fact we’re doing the right thing, no better feeling than to be told by a potential investor, someone who is older with more experience and know how can acknowledge our efforts.

it was a very interesting meeting and he seemed very enthusiastic to actually see what we could do.

we have scheduled another meeting for July.

blessed day.