If Colonel Hans Landa was a student….oh boy

Let me firstly tell you about my favourite character Colonel Hans Landa from one of my favourite Tarantino films, Inglorious Bastards. Inglorious Bastards is an alternative history of how Hitler was killed in the end and how all the different elements, unaware of each others role, were responsible for the demise of the socialist party. Colonel Hans Landa was a key part to the final demise and in fact the main reason why the assassination was a success. Colonel Hans Landa is a detective with a reputation that precedes him which even earned him the title, ‘The Jew Hunter’. He worked for Hitler and his propaganda as a secret service detective and in the end destroyed all of Hitlers administration and even the Fuhrer himself, winning the war for the United States and bringing the socialist party to its knees. Colonel Hans Landa, The Jew Hunter is a man of many faces and this is why he is my favourite character in the film Inglorious Bastards.

I am going to refer to him as Hans from this point on. So if Hans was a student…oh boy.

i’ll tell you this for sure, if Colonel Hans Landa was a student he will be a people person because his strongest trait is that he understands people. He knows how to talk to people, he knows what to say and what to do to get the answers and reaction he wants out of people.  He will definitely be in the student union aiming to be at the top of the food chain, with his ambitious personality there is not holding back for Hans.

Hans is cunningly smart and is all about mind games. He will make a lot of friends at first and then loose them systematically over a period because every conversation is an interrogation to know more or know something in particular, this will get annoying. Hans is not easily figured out, in University when people cannot really figure out who you are or what you are into, they tend to keep away or stay around long enough till you show your true colours. Hans will be that student. He will be able to play whatever part he chooses amongst his cohort long enough till he can free himself of them. There is only one person on Hans’s mind and that is Hans. He always has his own agenda, people think they know him, people would think they have him  figured out but the truth is no one really knows him, only Hans knows who Hans really is.

As a student his work ethic will be incredibly high. Hans is an effective and efficient person. This stems from the fact that he has passion for what he is doing. He is also very curious and it is this curiosity that gets him what he wants. He is always asking questions, these questions are never just random questions, it is always a means to an end. Hans is very strategic with his thinking, words and actions. This trait makes him a theatrical person. Hans is all about putting on a show.  As a student this will be eccentric

So would Colonel Hans Landa make a good role model? maybe not but then again, he is efficient and effective. He is smart but not loyal, he is highly strategic but this his hubris. When he has a plan Hans makes sure everything is perfection and because he knows people so well sometimes he does not see the flaw coming. The Human character is not rigid, it is not necessarily fixed at all times. This is what Hans does not fully understand even as smart as he is, he cannot always get it right because we as people are full of surprises.