STUDENTS: This page features all the links your tutor has recommended as reading/viewing for the course. feel free to add to these with links you find helpful or inspirational PLEASE DELETE THIS NOTE AFTER READING


Coventry East Asian Film Society

Some Useful Links for CCM to get you started!

CU Centre for Academic Writing (CAW)
offers students individualised advice on writing essays, reports, dissertations, theses, exams and other assignments.

Art and Culture
People across all of the arts come together to learn, connect and share.

Bright Lights Film Journal
online film journal

CTheory (Media journal)
international peer reviewed journal of theory, technology, and culture

Culture Machine (Research in Culture and Theory)
international open-access journal of culture and theory

Digital Humanities
provides course modules for use in college classes that present Humanities methods for thinking critically about how meaning is generated in new, multi-, digital media

Digital media, networks & transdisciplinary critique

Lavatus Proddeo (discussion forum)
Australian group blog which discusses politics, sociology, culture, life, religion and science from a left of centre perspective

Marshall Mcluhan
official website of the celebrated communication theorist

Media Theory
media and creativity in everyday life

Notes on the ‘Gaze’ by Daniel Chandler


research into user-led content creation

Research methodologies
research guide with links

Sociology Lens
some great stuff on what we’re doing on CCM in bite size pieces

Semiotics for Beginners by Daniel Chandler

Senses of Cinema
Online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema

current paradigm shifts towards user-led forms of collaborative content creation

The Art of Photography
iTunes podcast series

Ohhhh and try to stay away from this SITE thanks very much!


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