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BRIDESMAIDS is Judd Apatow’s first run with producing a said “chick’s flick” so I find it only fitting that my first review since high school be this raunchy, limit pushing, solid R for a reason, summer block bluster.

Considering I work at a movie theater and have the lay of the summer season and release dates down to a science, (and since i worked last night, the Saturday of opening weekend for this movie) I’d say they released at the perfect time to get the run of its money, it being prom/wedding season at the beginning of May, the movie was a top seller this weekend, comparable to THOR (its second week) and paired with the release of PRIEST, on the Friday the 13th weekend it is doing the opposite of bombing and is doing quiet well.

The movie begins with a bang in my book, a very, very awkward…

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